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1584 Jewelers. 129 Hand Keepers. 309 Hospitals. The project was conceived by friends and artists Iris Eichenberg and Jimena Ríos. Its aim is straightforward: for artists, jewelers, students, and professionals to craft medals that will honor the service and sacrifice of health workers. Infused with the gratitude of the ex-voto and the tribute of a medal, these hands have been made and collected since April 2020.

While we are all watching caregivers, nurses, and doctors giving all they can to our communities, risking their lives for us, we want to find a way to honor them. They should all get a medal, a votive offering given in gratitude or devotion. At some point this crisis will end and there will be a moment when we can thank them for all they do. We propose to present as many health workers as we can with a medal based on a traditional ex-voto, also to mark the moment when we can see a future.

(Role as a jeweler/maker) responsibilities included: register, copy the template, follow instructions, work with care and love, number the medals, do as many as possible, send medals to the Regional Hand Keeper. Jeweler/Maker #2744.